A LinkedIn Company Page Review

Recently I’ve been working in the newly re-designed LinkedIn company pages for a client.  Just as every professional should have a LinkedIn profile, each company should also have a company page.  Like the updates that LinkedIn continues to make to its profile pages, so too does it make updates to the company page application.  Having spent a considerable amount of time in LinkedIn Company Pages – old and new – I see opportunities and shortcomings for companies to raise their brand visibility and to showcase products and services.

Here’s what companies should consider:

1)             Required Fields
Company size is a required field and companies have several sizes from which to choose from Myself Only to 10,000+.  As a small business owner, I can understand the desire to refrain from selecting the “Myself Only” category.  Marketers must also select their industry field from LinkedIn’s choice of boilerplate sectors.  Many companies are far more dynamic than the simplistic categories that LinkedIn offers.  I selected “Marketing and Advertising” when in fact, those areas represent fewer than half of the projects that OpenMindWorks takes on.  Thumbs down!

2)             Careers Tab Isn’t Small Business Friendly
Large companies can make good use of this page to promote and recruit for open positions.  Small businesses, or companies that aren’t hiring, are faced with a bear that resembles a polar bear in a snowstorm.

3)             Products and Services
The good news is that this page is built better than the others, meaning that it has greater utility – regardless of size – for companies looking to self-promote.  While LinkedIn still takes the cookie cutter approach to marketing via this page, businesses have more options and greater flexibility to promote themselves here.

4)             Insights Are Useless
Click on this tab and I think you’ll agree.  This tab features only the profiles of former employees and links to other company profiles.  I don’t see any value under the current design.

Each time a change is made to a company page, its followers are notified, promoting brand visibility.  One hopes that additional updates will be made to LinkedIn Company Pages in the not-too-distant future.

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