A Preview of LinkedIn Events

While LinkedIn is anything but a new platform, it is important to note that the launch of a new feature, LinkedIn Events, is now underway.

As of this writing, the ability to organize a LinkedIn Event is continually being rolled out to LinkedIn users.  This new feature will present all users with an opportunity to create and join events.  According to its website, “This feature helps grow active, professional communities by building authentic face-to-face relationships.”  

While the rollout continues, LinkedIn users who receive an invitation from the organizer, an attendee, or even an event that has been shared by a connection can still join the event.  Organizers and attendees can send invitations, but organizers will have the authority to remove attendees from a group, a practice that’s consistent with LinkedIn Groups’ management policy.

Once an attendee accepts the invitation to join an event, he/she will be able to view and interact with other attendees.  This new feature fosters networking before, during and after the event.  As the event organizer, you’ll also gain insight on the discussions that your attendees are having that may help you adjust your strategy.  And if you crowdsource session topics, this new feature may represent a fertile new testing ground!

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