Anti-Spam Tips for LinkedIn Group Managers

I’m delivering a presentation on using LinkedIn next week.   In preparation for that gig, I’ve been spending some more time in Groups.  One professional group to which I belong is experiencing a pretty heavy-duty dose of spam these past few weeks.  Unfortunately it appears that the Group Manager hasn’t been scanning the feed frequently enough to remove the spam.  Spam is abundant on the page – and so are the complaints about said spam from Group members.

One savvy Group member asked the question:  if he flags a post as spam or a promotion, how is it managed?  Good question!  Here’s the answer:

1)             The default setting in LinkedIn Groups points to individual moderation.  If you flag a post as inappropriate, a job or a promotion, the post is pulled from your feed; it remains in the public domain for others to see until it is moderated (or moved) by the Group Manager, Moderator or Owner.

2)             Under this default setting, Group Managers must login, review and moderate the post:  meaning they can choose to ignore or accept your flag and move the post.  The post remains in limbo in the general feed until the Group Manager acts upon it.

3)             As a Group Participants, you have the right to contact the Group Manager to register a complaint.  Not sure who the Group Manager is?  Find the Group page, click on “More” followed by “Group Profile” (at right) and you’ll see the Group Manager’s name listed.

4)             Busy Group Managers also have the option to re-set the default setting on flagged postings.  Group Managers can re-set the default from the moderation of individual posts to a default by Group decision.  The decision-making default can be set from a range of 1 to 100 flags and the post will be arbitrarily deleted – without additional intervention from the Group Manager.

As an example, a Group Manager might change the default to a five-flag setting.  Five Group participants may flag an individual post as inappropriate or mis-categorized as a job or promotion.  If the default setting has been changed, the post will automatically be re-categorized or deleted without any intervention from the Group Manager.

Group Managers have a responsibility to monitor a page and its content on a regular basis.  Participants also have an obligation to help with that effort.

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