Life Lessons

Irma and the Eye of the Storm: Lessons Learned From a Force Majeure Event

I’ve planned meetings for nearly twenty years.  In a previous job, I rescheduled a meeting because of an approaching hurricane.  The meeting wasn’t in the hurricane belt, but the storm would have disrupted enough flights to limit attendance.  The following year, I helped another group move a meeting that was scheduled to take place just […]

Social Media Saves Lives

Last Fall, I became a member of a nonprofit organization board that is dedicated to a dog breed that I’ve had since the age of four. Joining this organization as their Director of Marketing and Fundraising became a natural extension of my professional and personal passions. Little did I know that another of my passions […]

The Story of a Social Media Meltdown

Daily occurrences – which might not seem like a big deal at the time – may come back to haunt you.  Take a recent mishap that occurred with a restaurant that asked two patrons to leave their establishment:    namely because of the way they were dressed.  These young patrons weren’t dressed inappropriately, mind you:   body […]

Leadership Brand Damage Control

Recently Dawn Penfold, CMP, of Meetingjobs and I delivered two presentations on leadership and personal branding to members of the Carolinas Chapter of MPI.  This was a very energetic and engaged group and frankly, one of the most interesting audiences that I have delivered a presentation to. You likely have a strategy for marketing your […]

Thanksgiving Is Also a Time To Give Back

Thanksgiving is the time of year when we pause to reflect upon things for which we are grateful.  During a tough global economy when so many are struggling to find employment or even a place to live, I am reminded of how fortunate I really am.  I am also reminded of the things – be […]