I Deactivated My Facebook Account

And here’s what happened… After months of contemplation and debate, I deactivated my Facebook page. Like many folks, I’ve tired of the too-many-to-count hacking scandals that have plagued the internet over the past year. Facebook was one of many sites to suffer this sad fate. On a related note, data privacy has become increasingly important […]

Tips for Toppling Trolls

If you find yourself or your brand being trolled, consider the following tips: It’s not you, it’s them:  While razor-sharp comments that land on your social feed may feel like a personal attack, don’t take their comments personally.  Internet trolls comport themselves much like bullies:  they seek attention, smack of negativity, and derive a perceived sense of authority […]

Tackling Trolls

Tips for Managing Social Negativity Frequently I use Twitter to reach out to people or organizations with whom I have no existing relationship.  I contacted a local television news reporter to thank him for a story he had recently filed.  The reporter and I corresponded on the story topic, and soon, we were a party of three: our […]

More Mobile Event App Adoption and Engagement Best Practices

Here are some additional tips for boosting app adoption and engagement rates among attendees: Demo your mobile masterpiece: Attendees who are reluctant to utilize your fabulous app will appreciate some free technical support, especially if they struggle with or are intimidated by technology.  Present a short, complimentary webinar that focuses on the basic user process, […]

Things Your LinkedIn Invites Shouldn’t Include

Last month, I delivered a presentation on social media ROI to a group of folks in New Jersey.  We covered LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and a variety of topics relating to social media in general.  A member of the audience asked a question about LinkedIn invitations that I hear quite frequently:  should I accept an […]

Firm on the Message, Soft on the Delivery: Managing Social Media Malfeasance

Yep, there’s one in every bunch:  the “Debbie Downer,” the snarky imp who always sees the glass as half empty:  surely you’re familiar with the type? These individuals reside in our social media sites just waiting for the next opportunity to wreak havoc in your groups and feeds.  And while Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have […]

Welcome to the OpenMindWorks™ Blog! What You Won’t Find Here

Thanks for stopping by!  Your time is valuable and I intend to make your visits here as productive and meaningful as possible.  My commitment to you, the reader, and to the integrity of this blog is to impart practical information and to generate thought and conversation.  And perhaps even some controversy along the way! For […]