Crowdsourcing Meeting Ideas Using Social Media: Part II


Use hashtags effectively:  Create a hashtag for your event and refrain from including the current of future year.  Tweet short and specific questions to your followers and always include the event hashtag.  Bear in mind that you have only 140 characters to deliver your message!  Include industry buzzwords that will resonate with your audience – or “crowd” – in the form of hashtags.  As of this writing, reports indicate that Facebook will incorporate hashtags into its service this year.  Facebook will reportedly use hashtags to group online conversations around similar topics – just as Twitter has for years.  This cross-pollination approach between platforms gives marketers greater reach with less effort.

Link to a more sophisticated survey:  The 140-character limit on Twitter precludes Tweeters from posing in-depth questions.  Crowdsourcing opportunities remain available on Twitter, albeit via a different approach.  A variety of affordable online survey services from SurveyMonkey to Zoomerang are available.  Prepare your survey questions via an online survey tool and Tweet the link to your followers.  Remember to use specific hashtags to help elicit the responses you’re seeking.

Crowdsourcing ideas for your next event using social media is an opportunity to vet ideas for your next meeting with some of the most qualified respondents:  your followers, who have some interest in – if not direct knowledge of – your event.  Incorporating feedback into your planning activities will result in a stronger program that your attendees will find attractive.  You may be pleasantly surprised that your social media followers may present you with speakers, concepts and opportunities that you hadn’t previously considered.


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