Demystifying Social Video for Meetings: Part II

Whichever platform you choose to employ during your next meeting, follow these best practices:

  • Lead with your platform of strength: New to social broadcasting? Launch your live streaming efforts on one platform at a time. If the majority of your social media followers are on Twitter, for example, begin with some short broadcasts on Periscope, a Twitter-supported mobile app.
  • Ensure that you have a consistently strong signal or Wi-Fi connection: Your followers will be frustrated if they are unable to seamlessly view your broadcast. Check your signal strength before “going live.” Facebook Live actually reports to you on your connection strength via a handy feature: the “Go Live” button will be grayed out if the signal in your area is insufficient to support the broadcast.
  • Announce when you’ll broadcast content: If you intend to broadcast on a regular basis, announce the schedule to your followers. Even if you aren’t yet prepared to announce a routine schedule to prospective viewers, write a compelling “teaser” announcement to let them know when you’ll be live and which topic(s) the broadcast will address.
  • Ask for the follow: Remind viewers to follow your broadcasts so that they’ll receive push notifications and be alerted to your future fabulous broadcasts.
  • Build loyalty: Actively moderate your broadcasts and thank viewers for their participation. Thank new or returning viewers for joining the broadcast by name and for their feedback.
  • Close the window: If you’ve recently conducted a broadcast, be sure to close the mobile app when it’s not in use. Viewers do not want hear a muffled broadcast from a mobile device that is recording from inside your pocket or briefcase. Believe it or not, I witnessed a live broadcast on Twitter where this happened!
  • Check your feed: On occasion, I have personally been guilty of failing to re-check my feed after I believe I have published a post. Your post may not post successfully due to a weak internet connection or to some technical glitch on the social networking site itself. By re-checking your feed periodically and immediately following an intentional post, you can avoid typos and embarrassing pocket broadcasts.


Social video offers some new and exciting ways for meeting marketers to deliver live content to viewers through existing social media channels. A convenient bonus is that marketers can use the same channel to announce, broadcast and follow up on live events from user-friendly and already-popular integrated platforms: Facebook and Twitter. Adobe Premiere Clip, a free mobile app, is my new favorite social tool: capture video on your smartphone or tablet, edit the video, set it to a royalty-free music soundtrack, and post your snazzy and professional-looking production to your social media channel right from your mobile device. Follow other organizations that currently use broadcasting or video media for ideas and incorporate these elements into the planning of your next meeting.

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