Dodging Endorsements and Pin the Tail on the Group Manager

Earlier this week during the SPE Thermoforming Conference, I had the opportunity to deliver a presentation on getting the most out of LinkedIn.  Based on a blog that I wrote here several months ago, this presentation honed in on some tips and tricks that many folks don’t know.  At the conclusion of the session, several attendees asked some good questions about endorsements and joining Groups.  I decided to answer those questions here as well.

Question #1:   

How do I diplomatically decline a request for an endorsement?

Most of us on LinkedIn have received requests for an endorsement from colleagues or vendors.  You can certainly oblige or pass on the request; as a matter of personal practice, I am very selective on the endorsements that I agree to write.  If you don’t wish to fulfill the request, one approach is to simply ignore the invitation; another is to politely decline the request.  You can also indicate that you’re taking a break from LinkedIn endorsements – providing that this is true, of course.  The individual filing the request probably won’t ask why.

Question #2:   

I applied to join a Group and haven’t been admitted yet:  what should I do next?

It’s a real disappointment when you enthusiastically join a group and your request disappears into a black hole – for weeks.  This happens to those of us who are active in Groups from time to time.  You haven’t been admitted because the Group Manager doesn’t check the request queue frequently enough or doesn’t care to admit you for whatever reason – and hopes you’ll lose interest and rescind your request.  If you’ve tumbled down the rabbit hole, you have a couple of options.  First, you can rescind your request to join the Group and resubmit it.  You can also send a note to the Group Manager to inquire about the hold up.  Sometimes a gentle and friendly nudge is all it takes.


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