Elevating LinkedIn Public Profile Visibility

One of the services I try to provide on this blog is to answer questions that I receive.  Chances are that if one person has a question, others will benefit from the answer as well.  Here’s the story-

A friend who has a common name (i.e. Jane Smith) Googled herself and found that her LinkedIn profile didn’t turn up in the results.  In fact, hers is one of 29 profiles of people who share her name.  As a result, her LinkedIn profile is lost in SEO (search engine optimization) cyberspace along with 28 other people’s profiles.  LinkedIn profiles, as a rule, general rank pretty high in SEO rankings and are among the highest levels in results:  with the exception of vanity URLs (i.e. www.janesmith.com).  My friend inquired if she could adjust her profile to raise her SEO ranking via her LinkedIn profile since she doesn’t have a website.

The good news is that you can change your profile URL and make it easier for hiring officials and former colleagues to find you.  Here’s how:

1)    Login to LinkedIn, click on Profile followed by View Profile.  From your profile page, click on Edit:  it’s under your education and just to the right of the Improve Your Profile button.

2)    You’ll remain on your profile page, but an Edit button will now appear just to the right of your public profile domain:  it usually begins with www.linkedin.com/ followed by some code that’s unique to your profile.  The problem is that there isn’t anything else that’s unique about this code.  It doesn’t make you stand out from the other millions of profiles on LinkedIn.

3)    Click on the Edit button to the right of your public profile domain and you’ll land on a new Public Profile screen.  This screen reflects exactly how your profile appears on the Web, outside of LinkedIn.  On the right-hand side under Customize Your Public Profile, you can add or delete as many public features of your profile as you wish.  For example, I choose not to publish my headshot publicly.  Bear in mind, however, that the more attributes you make public, the easier you – and your profile – will be to find.

4)    Next, underneath Customize Your Public Profile, you’ll find Your Public Profile URL/Customize Your Public Profile URL.  Click on the Customize link and simply type in your vanity URL:  ex.  John.Smith.  Refrain from using numbers and characters.  Click on Set Custom URL and you’ll have a new URL!

This simple and professional approach will look snappy on your resume as well as your LinkedIn profile while making you easier to find on the World Wide Web.




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