Facebook: The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall

You may have read about Facebook’s expansion efforts in a variety of areas:  promoted posts and its purchase of Instagram are two examples.  You may have also heard some complaints about Facebook’s evolving privacy policy and features.  Perhaps you’ve even complained about them yourself!  Bear in mind the proverb, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

Earlier today, I wanted to reach out to a friend and former colleague to have an off-Facebook conversation, even though we’re Facebook friends.  Since I didn’t know her email address offhand, I clicked on the “About” tab on her Facebook page (er, timeline) in an attempt to locate her email address.  I was horrified and reminded that her published email address has been changed to a Facebook address:  first name.last name @facebook.com.  I doubt my friend knows this  – and after checking another handful of friends’ accounts, I found the same results.  In all likelihood, the email address that appears in your contact information has been changed by Facebook to your username@facebook.com

True, I had heard about this several months ago, but I neglected to check my own email address setting as well.  I changed mine today.  To change yours, click on your timeline, followed by “About,” likely listed under your birthday on the left-hand side of the page.  Scroll down to “Contact Info” and click on “Edit.”  The email address you used to establish the Facebook account and still use to login is still there; however, it’s no longer your primary email address.  Your Facebook address is now your primary email address unless you change it back to your original primary address.  You can also hide the Facebook email address from your timeline if you wish, but you need to actively change your settings in order to affect this change.

Perhaps this change doesn’t bother you:  but it troubles me.  As I see it, this is just another step in Facebook’s quest toward Facebook world domination.  Of greater concern, especially to Facebook’s shareholders, should be Facebook’s ongoing expansion effort.  I read an online article today that Facebook may add a job board as another feature of its website.

My unsolicited advice to Facebook?  Stick to what you’re good at and focus on what garnered your 800+ millions members in the first place.  We can’t all be all things to all people.

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