Getting To Know Google+ for Meetings: Part Deux

The Google+ Business webpage offers a variety of success stories, best practices and resources for marketers.  As Google+ continues to gain market share, Google continues to upgrade and infuse cash into this product.  A redesign for both the desktop and mobile platforms occurred in May 2013, making Google+ even more intuitive and better integrated with other web-based products.

How can event marketers harness the reach of this growing platform to promote their upcoming programs?  Here are some of the many possibilities:

  • Centralize event-related social media conversations around the event hashtag:  #youreventname2013, for example.
  • Ask keynote and other high-profile speakers to record short promotional videos on their upcoming presentations and upload them to YouTube.  These videos integrate into Google+ feeds almost seamlessly and will generate interest in your program.
  • Set up your meeting or conference as an event on Google+ and collect pre- and post-event photos in one convenient location:  and not in your email in-box!  Google+ Events Party Mode allows you to snap and share your photos in real time.
  • Don’t forget that Google+ also integrates with the Google Calendar, so followers can view and respond to event invitations.  Remember to change your event setting to Make this an Event on Air to publicize your event publicly.
  • Broadcast interviews with your company president, executive director or high-profile speakers to the world for free using Hangouts on Air.  In order to participate in Google Hangouts on Air, users must have a YouTube account.

One of the greatest advantages to Google+ is the single sign-on login feature:  log in to Google and have access to all of its features.  This includes access to Google Analytics, a free, dynamic tool that delivers information on how visitors use your website and how they arrived there in the first place.  Google Analytics takes its evaluation one step further by reporting on ROI across all social media platforms.  Of the many different reports that are available from Google Analytics, marketers may find the Social Sources report to be among the most valuable.  Social Sources analyzes all of your social media traffic and evaluates the data to determine which of your social media streams delivers the greatest impact to your campaign’s bottom line.  Google Analytics services a variety of social media platforms – including Google+.  As Google continues to grow, expect its product line to expand and look for additional neat features on Google+.

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