Google+ Hangouts for Event Collaboration and Promotion

According to a recent report, Google+ continues to gain social media market share.  Google+’s share of social login space rose from 25% to 34% during Q1 of 2013.  Comparatively speaking, Facebook’s share dropped from a 54% to a 46% share during the same period.  The data was published by social login provider Janrain.

Facebook is losing ground.  Here’s yet another reason to look at Google+ for the collaboration on and promotion of your next event.

An exclusive feature of Google+, Hangouts enable up to 10 participants to meet and collaborate on a video chat for free.  Import documents from Google Drive (where you can store large quantities of a variety of documents for free) and work together in real-time.  Watch YouTube videos simultaneously as well!  The only real limitation to this online collaboration tool is the number of people who can participate.

As Google+ continues to gain market share – and it will as Google continues to infuse cash into this product – how can event marketers harness the reach of this growing platform to promote their upcoming programs?  I’m glad you asked!

  1. Centralize event-related Google+ conversations around the event hashtag:  #youreventname2013, for example.
  2. Ask keynote speakers to record short promotional videos on their upcoming presentations and to upload them to YouTube.  These videos integrate into Google+ feeds almost seamlessly.
  3. Set up your meeting or conference as an event on Google+ and collect pre- and post-event photos in one convenient location:  and not in your email in-box!  Google+ Events Party Mode enables you to snap and share your photos in real time.
  4. Don’t forget that Google+ also integrates with the Google Calendar, so followers can view and respond to event invitations.  Remember to change your event setting to Make this an Event on Air to publicize your event publicly.
  5. Broadcast your interview with your president, executive director or high-profile speakers to the world for free using Hangouts on Air.
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