I Deactivated My Facebook Account

And here’s what happened…

After months of contemplation and debate, I deactivated my Facebook page. Like many folks, I’ve tired of the too-many-to-count hacking scandals that have plagued the internet over the past year. Facebook was one of many sites to suffer this sad fate. On a related note, data privacy has become increasingly important to me, and Facebook’s policies and tactics have caused me great concern.

Recently I tried to remove a loved one’s profile from Facebook. Here I learned that Facebook requires a death certificate to delete a deceased individual’s profile from the social network. This requirement, for me, crossed the lines of sensitivity and propriety.

Social media is an important part of my personal branding and my business model. I write a column on social media as the “Media Mentor” for MeetingMentor magazine, a publication geared toward the meetings and hospitality industry. Some clients have entrusted me to manage their social media pages, a responsibility I appreciate and continue to take very seriously. My decision to remove my company’s and my personal pages from Facebook was not a decision I made lightly or in haste.

Since leaving Facebook – at least for the time being – I have gained back time in my day that I’ve put to good use. In many respects, the air feels lighter, and quite frankly, I feel more optimism and positivity in my life.

In short, I don’t miss it.

I’m connecting with friends in ways that I find more meaningful: by meeting for lunch or having a long overdue phone conversation with a friend with whom I’d lost touch. My decision to exit Facebook was both personal and professional, and I may return in the future. In the meantime, however, I will enjoy this time as I seek new opportunities to connect with old friends and new in meaningful ways.

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