Jump Start Your LinkedIn Engagement

I received a phone call from a friend who hadn’t spent much time on LinkedIn recently.  The friend sought some advice on how to become more engaged without spending endless hours on the professional networking site.

If you haven’t spent much time there, why not get started now?  Here are some relatively painless steps to re-engaging on LinkedIn:

  • Update your profile.
    “Spring clean” and populate your profile with recent accomplishments and new projects.  I try to review and update my profile at least once each quarter.  One tactic I use is to read my profile backwards:  it gets your eyes (and brain) out of the habit of speed-reading and cruising past typos and mistakes.
  • Build connections.
    The power of LinkedIn is in the networking that takes place between connections and like-minded individuals.  If you haven’t been particularly active on or are new to LinkedIn, consider using the built-in tools under “My Network” on the horizontal navigation bar.  Click on “Add Connections” and follow the on-screen instructions.  LinkedIn compares the email addresses it finds in your email accounts and matches them with the addresses that people use to establish their profiles and to login.  It isn’t a perfect science, but it may prove helpful to those who are looking to build their networks.
  • Get busy.
    Try to spend at least 30 minutes each week on LinkedIn:  add connections, participate in Group discussions, comment on an article, write a recommendation.
  • Gain face time.
    A lot of LinkedIn success – and social media success, for that matter – results from visibility.  Post a status update telling connections about your latest project or accomplishment!  If you write a blog, post your most recent blog link so that connections know more about your current activities.

LinkedIn is all about relationships and maintaining contact with people you know or whom you’d like to know better.  Reach out and re-establish contact with your connections.  Congratulate them on a new job or a promotion and learn about what they’ve been up to since you last connected.  You never know if a business opportunity may result from your outreach efforts!


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  1. Posted January 23, 2019 at 7:31 am | Permalink

    I try to connect with people that I meet at conferences and seminars. It is good to do it that way because they are in the same field and can be a resource for future projects.

    • openmindworks
      Posted January 23, 2019 at 6:20 pm | Permalink

      As a meeting planner, I fully agree with your approach! Thanks for writing-

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