Leadership Brand Damage Control

Recently Dawn Penfold, CMP, of Meetingjobs and I delivered two presentations on leadership and personal branding to members of the Carolinas Chapter of MPI.  This was a very energetic and engaged group and frankly, one of the most interesting audiences that I have delivered a presentation to.

You likely have a strategy for marketing your meetings or your destination, but you may not have thought about marketing the brand called You.  Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are some of the most effective and efficient ways that brands – including yours – can market themselves and raise their visibility profiles.  But before you begin developing and executing on your marketing strategy, first follow these tips to ensure that your brand is in tip-top shape:

1)             Evaluate Your Current Brand Position
Google your name to determine how your brand appears online.  Establish Google Alerts for each variation of your name and include your maiden name if you’re married.  An email will be sent to you when your name appears in Google search engine results.

2)             Damage Control
Find a less-than-flattering result?  Contact the owner of the content and ask them to remove it.  If it’s a website, contact the website owner directly with your request.  If it’s on Facebook, contact them if the content is abusive.  If, however, you have been tagged in an unbecoming photo, contact the owner of the photo and ask them to remove the tag.  And better yet:  ask them to remove the photo altogether.  Bear in mind that the results on Google will not update immediately; it may take some time for the unattractive content to drop from Google.

3)             Restore Your Brand:  Be Active Online
One of the most effective ways to restore credibility to your brand is to be active online and in social media.  Restore your brand by posting positively:  endorse colleagues, share articles and open profiles on different platforms.  These activities will reflect positively on you and push the negative results down in search engine rankings.

4)             Re-check Your Privacy Settings
Facebook updates its privacy policy and settings on a regular basis.  As a best practice, make it a point to routinely check your privacy settings in all of your social media accounts.

Most important, remember that an ounce of prevention is the best damage control policy.
If you have even the slightest hesitation about posting a comment, article or photo, trust your gut:  just say no!


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