Managing the Digital Media Budget

Mobile technology has managed to invade nearly every corner of our lives.  Many of us express wonder about how we ever conducted our professional lives without our smartphones and tablets.  Events are evolving into an age where moderators now ask the audience to leave their portable electronic devices on – instead of turning them off.

Rather than view our iPhones and iPads as distractions during a session, some meeting planners are encouraging session moderators to harness the power of the World Wide Web.  Encouraging meeting attendees to actively utilize social media during an event results in the following positive outcomes for the event organizer:

  1. Onsite participation:  Live posting and tweeting during an event creates networking opportunities, dialog amongst attendees and enthusiasm for your event.
  2. Virtual participation:  People who follow your event become engaged by remote participation in your event.  Compelling content that is distributed via social media onsite may convert your follower from afar into a real-time attendee next year.

As the average attendee’s appetite for access to the Web and to popular social media platforms grows, meeting professionals are faced with an array of vehicles – mobile applications, or apps – from which they can choose to address this demand.  Millennials, a sometimes elusive and sought-after audience, expect an immediate and seamlessly integrated technology experience.  Meeting these demands, however, comes at a cost to the meetings budget.  And as technology continues to evolve at the speed of light, that evolution sometimes comes at a high price.  Meeting professionals now must also keep pace with advances in technology while remaining mindful of budget constraints.

Up next:  tips to bear in mind as you strive to stay current with technology, deliver value to your attendees and keep your budget in perspective!

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