My Top Ten LinkedIn Pet Peeves

We all have things that rub us the wrong way:  it could be a co-worker’s gum snapping, motorists who don’t use their turn signals or even your significant other’s pet name for you.  Here’s my “Top Ten” list of annoyances on LinkedIn:

10)       Unresponsive Group Managers

This includes but is not limited to failing to admit new members, to address spam,     to respond to complaints and requests for more information.  Pay attention Group Managers – or please find someone else to do it for you.

9)         Multiple posts from the same person to the same Group within 24 hours

 Bloggers are sometimes notorious for this (and I’m a blogger).  I don’t want to hear from you within the same Group more than once a day, even if they’re posts on different   topics.

8)         Spam

Enough said.

7)         Your Groups are out of control            

LinkedIn members may join up to 50 groups.  The question is why would you want to?  Even if you’re a super-user (one who uses LinkedIn for several hours weekly), I don’t see  why you need to join so many Groups.  Think quality; not quantity.

6)         Sloppy profiles

A typo wouldn’t be acceptable in your resume; why should your LinkedIn profile be any different?  An ounce of proofreading goes a long way.

5)         Bad profile pictures

Your kids and your dog are adorable, but that photo belongs on Facebook:  not on your LinkedIn profile.  Your company logo doesn’t cut it either.  Post a professional headshot or ask a friend or family member to take a decent picture of you against a simple backdrop.

4)         Dopey profile headlines

Remember what I said about an ounce of proofreading?  Here’s an example to avoid:  a LinkedIn member whose profile read, “Unemployed at Looking for a New Opportunity.”  I fully support creative headlines on LinkedIn, but this isn’t what I had in mind.  Neither does your prospective employer.

3)         Blinded LinkedIn views from other members

I’m often curious who has been recently viewing my profile:  aren’t you?  I hate the  blind “LinkedIn Member” headshot I see when I click on this page.  It’s a blatant sales grab by LinkedIn to entice you into buying one of their premium membership packages.  Dislike.

2)         LinkedIn’s “free month trial” premium membership offer            

Read the fine print.  You have to pre-pay the year of membership in advance to get the free month.  That’s not what I call a “free” trial offer.

and my number one pet peeve on LinkedIn?

1)         Boilerplate invitation language

I’d like to add you to my network on LinkedIn.”  That’s exciting and innovative and     really makes me want to connect with you if I don’t already know you.  Personalize the  invitation (Dear so-and-so) and remind me where we met and why I should connect    with you.  A little personalization is far more memorable – and impressive.

Thank you for “listening” and for making my LinkedIn experience a more pleasant one!


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