Oh, What You’re Missing Under More

Remember the saying, “Less is More?”  Sometimes more is available than you realize, especially when it comes to LinkedIn.

At the right-hand side of the horizontal LinkedIn nav bar, is an underutilized bevy of features sheepishly titled, “More.”  Infrequent LinkedIn users often don’t venture this far and yet it offers a variety of helpful resources that I use on a daily basis.  Here are some of the little gems that reside here and some reasons why you should check them out during your next LinkedIn visit:

1)    Help Center: 
This robust library of answers will address each of your LinkedIn questions from merging accounts to leaving a Group to deleting a connection.  A handy search bar empowers members by delivering answers quickly and efficiently.  The Help Center has become my go-to resource for navigating the site.

2)    Answers:
With the exception of Groups, Answers is the most underutilized feature on LinkedIn.  Need an answer to a question on any professional topic?  Ask it here where anyone on LinkedIn can respond, regardless of whether or not you’re connected.  Looking to establish yourself as an industry expert?  Start answering the questions that are posted here.  If your response is rated as the best answer, you’ll be listed as an expert in that content area.

3)    Skills and Expertise:
Updating your profile to include a list of skills is a terrific way to develop your personal brand profile and to raise your professional visibility.  LinkedIn suggests that members use this area to research the skills they need to successful.  While that’s one approach, I see another equally valuable option here as well.

Type a skill or qualification into the search bar on the Skills and Expertise page.  As an example, I typed in “Certified Meeting Professional,” a professional designation that I hold.  The search engine returns a list of others bearing the same designation: I can view their profiles and network with them.  In addition, it returns a list of Groups involving Certified Meeting Professionals:  Groups I may be interested in joining.  Of greatest benefit, in my opinion, is the list of related skills that appear on the left-hand side.  If you’re having a hard time putting labels on the skills to include in your profile, here’s the place to get started.

LinkedIn invests heavily in its technology and updates its platform regularly.  These upgrades will continue to position LinkedIn as the go-to online professional networking and research tool that it has already become.

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