Part II: Emerging Social Networks

Here are some of the emerging networks to watch:

  • TikTok is a mobile app that you can find wherever you download applications for your mobile device.  Vine, a similar mobile app that disappeared several years ago, offered the same concept to users who could record and publish short videos.  Facebook recently and quietly launched a similar competitive platform called Lasso.  If your organization is attempting to attract a younger demographic, TikTok and its current smaller competitor (by number of downloads), Lasso, are worth a look.
  • Vero and are similar in design and functionality to more established brands Instagram and Twitter.  The standout feature of these newer networks is that they are devoid of advertising.  Other social sites have followed this model and have not taken off; however, if U.S. legislative regulation in “Big Tech” actually takes place, or if companies like Facebook are broken up, smaller sites may gain more of a tactical advantage.
  • Periscope is a live streaming mobile app that was acquired by Twitter several years ago, and has never really broadly taken off.  Enter Caffeine, a mobile app broadcasting service that will likely also challenge Facebook Live in the live streaming arena.
  • Anticipate the entry of new niche community sites:  in today’s busy world, people want bytes of specific information as quickly as possible.  Rather than search through established sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, social sites that serve a specific community of like-minded individuals or an industry are populating the social landscape.

Time will tell if TikTok, Lasso, and Caffeine will soon become household names like their much larger social media contemporaries.  Legislators here in the States and in Europe are scrutinizing the practices of the larger social media companies.  Laws and regulations that govern some social media activities have already been enacted in Australia and Germany, I contend that similar policies will soon follow in the U.S.  Savvy event marketers should continue to monitor their customers’ and prospects’ social media activity and pay special attention to these new emerging markets.

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