Shoulds and Shouldn’ts for Your Blog

Yes, your blog.

I have prepared and delivered some recent presentations on blogs and more importantly, on how valuable they can be as a marketing tool.  Anyone can have a blog and a variety of free tools like WordPress are available to help aspiring bloggers write their way to success.

Yesterday I met a friend for coffee to talk about marketing, websites, social media and yes:  blogs.  Part of our discussion surrounded how brands – and individuals – can leverage and promote their blogs.  Let’s first define what a blog should and should not be:


  • Blogs should be 200-400 words in length
  • Convey sound advice and useful information to readers on specific topics
  • Be perceived as a go-to resource, written by knowledgeable individuals
  • Well-written and edited (i.e. proofread!) prior to posting.  You do not need to be a professional writer to author a blog
  • Give readers an opportunity to subscribe
  • Be rich with keywords that search engines like Google absolutely love
  • Show that you’re an authority on a topic – or a series of topics

Should Nots:

  • Resemble War and Peace.  Keep it relatively short, sweet and on-topic.
  • Be an opportunity to sell your products or services.  Period.
  • Be too uptight or give away the farm.  This is neither an instruction manual nor a free how-to guide.
  • Include photos and posts that are unrelated to your business (if it’s a professional blog).  Images that are related to the blog topic are great.
  • Be comprised entirely of photos.  That’s Instagram:  not a blog.
  • Be written in an unprofessional tone.  Blogs should “wear” your voice, but they should still maintain a sense of professional decorum.
  • Exist in a vacuum:  link your blog to your website and add an RSS feed button so that people can subscribe to and follow your blog.

Stay tuned for a future blog – on how to promote your blog!

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