Six Reasons Why You Need a Blog

I have been privileged to deliver a number of presentations to the hospitality community this year.  Many of those presentations have addressed marketing, social media and branding.  During several presentations, I’ve expounded on the many reasons today’s professionals should have a blog.  Shouldn’t you have a blog too?

I can feel you cringing from here!  Your first thought may be, “I don’t have time to write a blog!  That was my initial response as well.  Blogs, however, have become part of the new wave of “content marketing,” which you may have heard more about recently.  Surveys show that more and more marketers rely on content marketing to deliver their messages to consumers.  Content marketing delivers information and ultimately greater value to the reader and relies far less on the traditional “hard sell.”

What better way to deliver content – valuable information – about yourself than a blog?  Sure, it may sound narcissistic at first, but blogs can reveal some of your finer professional and personal qualities to the world.  Blogs can often convey data to a reader that may be imperceptible on your resume, Twitter feed, LinkedIn profile or Facebook page.

Here are some reasons you should start your own blog:

1)             Writing a blog demonstrates creativity and thought leadership.

2)             Have a flair for the writing process?  Demonstrate your talent by writing a blog.

3)             If you enjoy the writing process, a regular blog can be extremely cathartic.  I’m easing out of an 11-hour long day by writing this blog entry.

4)             Position yourself as an industry expert.  Everyone excels at and (hopefully) has passion for some area of the job:  greening meetings, healthy catering options, innovative meeting room set-ups are just a few ideas.  Tap into your passion and share your expertise!

5)             Launching and writing a regular blog shows initiative and confidence.

6)             Your blog doesn’t have to address a professional pursuit as long as the topic and tone remain professional.  Have an interesting hobby?  Share it with the world!

Looking for a blogging platform to launch your masterful and insightful first creation?  Check out WordPress, Blogger and Quora.  They’re all free!

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