Social Gone Stale:  Tips for Refreshing Content

Habits are often difficult to break, especially when they’re comfortable and continue to yield modest results.  From time to time, we find ourselves in professional or personal ruts where our reserves of inspiration are running on empty.  Social media and content marketing strategies are no different!  While the “rinse and repeat” approach works well in social media marketing, go-to posts can become stale:  both for the brand and the follower.  A campaign naturally runs its course, and what once was cutting-edge, innovative, catchy and what all meeting and marketing professionals crave – trending – now fails to resonate with a previously engaged social audience.

What’s a social media marketer to do?

Start by taking stock of your current platforms, evaluating some important metrics and asking yourself and your team these questions:

  • Which messages garner greater engagement than others?  Look at the number of likes, retweets, shares and replies for your recent posts.  Which posts perform better in these categories than others?  For example, perhaps posts with surveys or open-ended questions seeking reader feedback are better received than other types of posts.
  • Are your platforms achieving steady new follower growth, or has the number of your brand’s followers stagnated – or declined in the last three, six and twelve months?
  • Review your posting schedule:  when did you last shake up the dates and times that you post your messages?  Do your social feeds reveal any interesting trends?  Here’s an example:  do your Tuesday morning posts attract more attention than those you post later in the week?

To a certain extent, social media still relies on trial and error.  The attention span of most social consumers is short, and only the most egregious of posts remain on the reader’s radar for any length of time.  With that in mind, however, social media also thrives on creativity and offers flexibility to brands, enabling companies to pivot, recraft and fine-tune their strategies.  If your messaging feels stale, we’ll talk strategy in our next post.

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