Social Media Lessons Learned from the Olympics

As the Olympic Games begin to draw to a close, it seems appropriate to look back on some of the social media highs and lows created by major brands and even the Olympians themselves:

Don’t Tweet angry.  Comments posted in the heat of the moment will bite you in the tail or kick your tail out of the Olympics, as it did for two Olympiad Tweeters.

Guidelines for social media participants are a must-have to manage expectations and behavior.  Kudos to the International Olympic Committee for their comprehensive social media code of conduct.

What better way to get the inside scoop on what the athletes are really thinking and feeling during the Games?  Follow them on Twitter or Like them on Facebook!  Find your favorite athlete here.  By creating an SEO optimized and searchable directory, your brand following will only grow!

USING ALL CAPS IN POSTS IS NOT AN EFFECTIVE USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA, NBC.  I can read and hear you just fine, thank you.

Kudos again to the IOC and the City of London for creating a publicly accessible social media dashboard.   Everything you could possibly want to know about the Olympics from pages to Like to hashtags to follow can be found here.  Brands should consider emulating this strategy!

Ensure that your posting content is accurate:  Several times I tuned in for an event that I saw published as “Coming Up Next” only to find that it wasn’t being televised.

Timing is everything:  Spoiler alert!  Raise your hand if you learned the results of an event via social media before It was televised!  The lesson here?  Be mindful of viewers in time zones other than your own when posting.

Reports indicate that the London Opening Ceremony saw more Tweets than the entire Beijing Games.  Imagine what the social media landscape will look like during the Sochi (Russia) Winter Games in 2014?



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