Social Media Publishing Platforms: Part II

Now where were we?

Reddit. While perhaps not as well known as other social media websites, Reddit is actually one of the more established ones. Founded in 2005, Reddit users can submit and share content, photos and links.  These same community members can, in turn, rate, share and comment on submitted content.

Traction on Reddit can be a challenge unless meeting marketers first do the research to confirm that the targets they are seeking actively use Reddit. Users, or “Redditors,” are identified less by their gender or age and more by topical interests. The site offers helpful marketing information on its website: A free beginner’s guide is also available to those who sign up to receive Reddit’s e-newsletter.

Tumblr. Tumblr is an established social network comprised of blogs or short posts. Users can follow different blogs on topics of interest to them, which represents a valuable opportunity for marketers to reach new audiences. Tumblr blog topics are frequently niche-specific at a very granular level. Like other social media platforms, Tumblr employs hashtags to help publishers brand their content and to assist readers in locating topics that are of interest to them. The challenge here, as with most social media sites, is crafting a message that will resonate with the audience you are seeking.

Twitter Publish. Introduced in October 2015, Twitter Publish is a new, free tool that the social network launched in response to demand for more attractive embedded stories. Twitter uses this technology in its recently added user feature called “Moments.” Content marketers can now harness the same technology by submitting their series of tweets to Twitter will synthesize the data and generate a code that can be embedded on a website or mobile app. Updates will automatically and seamlessly flow into the content stream.

Tweets, which are limited to 140 characters, can now be far more visually appealing than they have been previously. Marketers with established Twitter audiences can take advantage of this technology to engage their followers with more stimulating content. Similarly, organizations that are looking to expand their Twitter audience can publish a curated series of Tweets to distinguish their content from other brands.

Different social media websites garner different audiences. However, each site still competes for the time and attention of current and new users. These social networking sites will continue to adopt new technologies that will make their interface easier and faster to use for both marketers and their audience of consumers.

Content remains king in 2016. Identify your target audience, and craft and deliver consistent and thoughtful messaging rich in information that will attract your desired customers. Social media sites will continue to add new technological features in order to remain relevant to their user communities and attractive to their paying advertisers. So investigate the advances on the sites that your customers frequent to determine your best path forward.

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