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The phrase “We don’t know who we don’t know” has likely crossed the lips of many marketers more than once. Social media publishing platforms have the power to connect brands with their current customers and foster new relationships with prospects – simply, quickly and efficiently. As popular and less-recognized social media sites continue to evolve, so do the opportunities to communicate with and to deliver meaningful content to new audiences.

Here are some features of the traditional social media platforms and some less well-known publishing options that meeting marketers can evaluate when contemplating online message delivery:

Facebook Instant Articles. More and more people read and engage in social media via mobile devices.  Posts that include photos or video can often be notoriously slow to load on smartphones and tablets, making them less desirable to read and share. “Instant Articles” are Facebook’s response to this technological challenge.

Launched in May 2015, Instant Articles offer content marketers several new areas of innovation.

Example: When readers tap on an article, the content and videos will load instantly. Animated geographic maps help readers to better understand where the content they are reading was captured. Readers can also choose to hear the author read the article while they read along. While this new technology is primarily being used by major newspapers and magazines at this time, it will likely be adapted for more widespread use in the coming months.

LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups are a long-established medium of communication between brands and followers. LinkedIn community members can generally join and leave groups at will. However, as LinkedIn has added new features and services to the platform, Groups have become a less prominent feature on the site. Marketers who can supply a regular stream of lively and engaging content to their Groups will set themselves apart from their competitors.

LinkedIn Published Posts. Individual LinkedIn users also have the opportunity to share their stories and expertise via LinkedIn’s self-publishing platform. Professionals with interesting and unique experiences can reach out to their connections and beyond via LinkedIn’s microblogging platform. The challenge associated with this feature is that the platform becomes cluttered with unedited posts and promotional messages. These can dilute the value of the more desirable and effective content that is shared.

More on Reddit, Tumblr and Twitter Publish in the next blog!

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