Social Media Trends for 2019

Today’s competitive social media landscape will continue to drive technological innovation.  Many recent social media trends will gain even greater traction in 2019.  Here’s a short roundup of what to anticipate:

Greater scrutiny into how social networks collect, use and share data
Data breaches and other privacy lapses will drive governments and consumers to demand greater transparency from social networks in the future.  Expect more legislative hearings, and a worldwide push for regulation of data collection and distribution (think GDPR), likely led by the U.K. and the European Union.  

Proliferation of live streaming 
Content remains king in 2019, and as broadcasting services like Hulu and Netflix increase in popularity, so too will viewership of novel and live content broadcasts on social networks.  Products like Periscope and Facebook Live will continue to evolve and create opportunities for planners to connect with current and new followers.  

New advances in social media and face-to-face meeting integration
LinkedIn recently announced the global rollout of LinkedIn Events in early 2019. The feature will allow members to create, join and invite their connections to events, and enable in-platform dialog between attendees before and after the event.  Beta testing is currently being conducted by event organizers in San Francisco and New York.

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