Social Media Trends to Watch in 2020

Privacy concerns, data breaches, cyberbullying and legislative hearings were all part of last year’s social media fabric and will remain important issues and events in 2020.  While some things remained the same, change was also afoot.  For example, it’s unusual for a brand- new social site to explode in popularity during its fledgling existence.  TikTok’s rate of participation rose exponentially last year, particularly with younger generations.  At the same time, however, the U.S. Army banned its soldiers from using the Chinese-owned platform citing potential security risks.  An Instagram account named “World Record Egg” (@world_record_egg) garnered more than seven million followers, and a short video it published earned more than eight million likes:  an Instagram record.

What could possibly be next?

Unfortunately, we can still expect more data breaches and controversies surrounding privacy concerns.  Social media sites are taking steps to prevent and combat cyberbullying, but the platforms are massive in scope, and progress is slow.  And it isn’t outside the realm of possibilities that additional hearings will be convened after the next big data breach or scandal is revealed. 

As the sun sets on 2019, we turn our focus to the year ahead:  which trends will we see in social media?  Following are some you can expect to encounter this year:

  • Video = Social Success:  The importance of video in social media will only continue to grow in adoption and in terms of “bells and whistles.”  Dynamic video-centric posts will outnumber its static post counterparts, and social media platforms will continue to build features and proprietary revenue-generating tools for prospective advertisers.

To support the demand for video, Twitter just announced that it has launched a new takeover ad product called “Promoted Trend Spotlight.”  These video ads will be placed on the site’s “Explore” tab, where users view both trending topics and hashtags.  According to Twitter’s website, the product can accommodate six-second videos and GIFs (and static images too).  This new product is now available in the U.S., the U.K. and Japan, and will expand to 12 additional markets in the near term.  This 2020 trend will empower social media marketers to create trends of their own!

We’ll reveal more predictions in our next post!

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