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What Did the Pokémon GO Craze Mean for Meetings?

Did you get up and go this past summer:  did you play “Pokémon GO,” a location-based mobile reality game?  Even if you didn’t partake in the Pokémon GO craze, you likely heard about its mesmerizing effects in the media.  This extremely popular free mobile game has been credited with dramatic weight loss in some participants […]

Social Media Publishing Platforms: Part II

Now where were we? Reddit. While perhaps not as well known as other social media websites, Reddit is actually one of the more established ones. Founded in 2005, Reddit users can submit and share content, photos and links.  These same community members can, in turn, rate, share and comment on submitted content. Traction on Reddit […]

The Media Wall: Strategies, Opportunities, and Limitations: Part II

If your organization is considering using a social media wall at its next meeting, consider the following opportunities, limitations and parting words of caution and encouragement:  Opportunities Feature event sponsors: Sponsors are always looking for additional ROI.  Feature and thank your event sponsors on your social media wall.  Show organizers can display a photo montage […]

My Doctor Thinks Google’s Time Is About Up

During a routine visit to the doctor, I got an opportunity to talk about my company.  My doctor, whom I’ve known for years, asked me how my job  – my last job, that is – was going and if I was still flying all over.  I explained that I had left that gig to form […]

Hallmarks of a Successful Social Media Presence

Last week, I received an inquiry about the ingredients for a successful social media program.  What, precisely, makes a Facebook page, a Twitter feed or a LinkedIn group a real homerun for a product or organization?  How do you measure the value of your program? A variety of elements contribute to a flourishing social media […]

Top 10 Social Media Mistakes and How to Avoid Them: Part II

Last week, I began a blog on some of the top social media mistakes I’m seeing – and more importantly, how to avoid them.  Here’s part two! 6)             Being stuck in a rut:  Try something new!  Open-ended questions and fill-in-the-blanks have become an increasingly popular way of engaging fans.  Polls, product-related trivia questions and even […]

A Social Media Event Checklist for Meeting Planners

For the first time in a year and a half, I’m attending a convention as a meeting planner.  Mercifully the event has nothing to do with meeting planning, nor am I responsible for a blessed thing for three days!  I’m simply here to get my education on:  to learn and to share with others with […]

Welcome to the OpenMindWorks™ Blog! What You Won’t Find Here

Thanks for stopping by!  Your time is valuable and I intend to make your visits here as productive and meaningful as possible.  My commitment to you, the reader, and to the integrity of this blog is to impart practical information and to generate thought and conversation.  And perhaps even some controversy along the way! For […]