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Starting Fresh with a New Business

Recently I wrote an article titled, “Twelve Ways to Change Your Life” for Eventful Magazine.  I was delighted when a reader contacted me seeking advice on number six:  Consider a Career Change.  Here’s some of the advice that I shared with the reader that may be helpful to others who are contemplating a lifestyle change. […]

Going Independent: Part II

Last week, I wrote a blog about my journey from my “day” job to my new career as a freelancer.  Several people who read that blog contacted me to ask questions and chime in with their experiences.  As a result of that feedback, I decided to expand upon my experiences and lessons learned here: Diversify […]

Going Independent: Kick Your Day Job, Jump Start Your Next Life

Freelancing is not for everyone and it was, at first, a big adjustment for me.  Looking back, it’s now one of the healthiest – and happiest – life changes I’ve made in years.  Recently I’ve spoken with some professionals who are toying with the notion of going independent.  If you’re considering taking the plunge, here […]

Don’t Estimate the Power of a Connection

For years, I have been a big promoter and supporter of LinkedIn for a variety of reasons.  A few weeks ago, I added yet another reason to my list.  Entrepreneurs, consultants and salespeople, please take special note of this story. As a matter of practice, I try to reach out to current and new LinkedIn […]

“I’m So Overwhelmed” and Other Social Media Newbie Musings

Earlier this week, I attended a networking mixer for professional women, namely entrepreneurs, in my local area.  While this is only the third event of its kind that I’ve attended, they’ve been a huge boon in terms of support and networking opportunities. As I introduce myself to fellow networkers and explain my work in social […]