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Influencer Marketing Strategy Tips

Even smaller organizations can cultivate their own networks of industry-specific social media influencers without a six-figure price tag.  Perhaps you’re looking to refresh your social messaging and to take your social conversations in a different direction.  If you’re struggling to gain traction with your feeds and to garner the attention of new visitors to your event, perhaps […]

Meetings and Google+: More Similar Than You Think?

As I pondered Google+ in preparation for the writing of this series, I was struck by the parallels between Google+ – its triumphs and tribulations – and meetings and events.  Here are several correlations that I found:  In the early days of my more active participation on Google+, I vividly remember being struck by how graphically […]

The Demise of Google+

Google+ was launched in 2011 amidst a competitive social media landscape already occupied by Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  These “big three” networks quickly found solid footing and grew exponentially in short order.  Part of their success was due to the fact that they quickly identified their niche market, encountered little competition, tended that space with care, and […]

The Media Wall: Strategies, Opportunities, and Limitations: Part I

Your number of social media followers has increased, your user engagement is up and your content messaging is on track:  what’s next?  How can planners better integrate social media into meeting activities while they are taking place?  Perhaps you need to build greater interest in and foot traffic on your tradeshow floor:  how will you […]

Tips for Managing the Digital Media Budget

Here are some tips to bear in mind as you strive to stay current with technology, deliver value to your attendees and keep your budget in perspective: Be clear on budget expectations: Digital media budgets are comprised of several components and depending on a variety of factors from your customer’s profile to your budget, your […]

Starting Fresh with a New Business

Recently I wrote an article titled, “Twelve Ways to Change Your Life” for Eventful Magazine.  I was delighted when a reader contacted me seeking advice on number six:  Consider a Career Change.  Here’s some of the advice that I shared with the reader that may be helpful to others who are contemplating a lifestyle change. […]

Getting To Know Google+ for Meetings: Part Deux

The Google+ Business webpage offers a variety of success stories, best practices and resources for marketers.  As Google+ continues to gain market share, Google continues to upgrade and infuse cash into this product.  A redesign for both the desktop and mobile platforms occurred in May 2013, making Google+ even more intuitive and better integrated with […]

Getting To Know Google+ for Meetings: Part One

Some marketers continue to dismiss Google+ because it doesn’t enjoy the same visibility – or notoriety – as some other social media platforms.  A common misconception about Google+ is that the platform hasn’t garnered the same critical mass audience as its better-known contemporaries:  like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  As of May 2013, however, Google+ had […]

Dos and Don’ts: Social Media Best Practices

Some of the most common social media mistakes are also the easiest to avoid.  Here are some tips to bear in mind during your next social media visit: DO: Be Consistent and Authentic: Your social media profiles should be consistent across all platforms.  Assuming different characteristics via different profiles muddles your image and distorts your […]

Leadership Brand Damage Control

Recently Dawn Penfold, CMP, of Meetingjobs and I delivered two presentations on leadership and personal branding to members of the Carolinas Chapter of MPI.  This was a very energetic and engaged group and frankly, one of the most interesting audiences that I have delivered a presentation to. You likely have a strategy for marketing your […]