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More Common and Avoidable Social Media Guffaws

Here are some additional guffaws that I see in my travels through the social media landscape: Links to nowhere:  Truth be told, this is one of my biggest social media pet peeves!  If a reader clicks on a link, he or she is seeking additional information on a topic, product or service.  Frustration ensues when […]

Thirteen Reasons to Use HootSuite

There are a myriad of reasons why I use HootSuite.  It’s one of those conveniences of life – like Post-It Notes, travel coffee cups and the smart phone – that save us time when time is money.  HootSuite is a “social media dashboard,” enabling users to create, schedule and measure the efficacy and reach of […]

“I’m So Overwhelmed” and Other Social Media Newbie Musings

Earlier this week, I attended a networking mixer for professional women, namely entrepreneurs, in my local area.  While this is only the third event of its kind that I’ve attended, they’ve been a huge boon in terms of support and networking opportunities. As I introduce myself to fellow networkers and explain my work in social […]