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My Top Ten Meeting Planner List

Recently I was asked for a list of tips/tricks that help me every day as a meeting planner:  both personally and professionally.  Putting this list together was fun, but it was also a challenge, and not in a way that one might think.  Finding ten things that I do daily – and are suitable for […]

Staffing for Your Digital Needs: Part II

Here are some considerations to bear in mind when assessing your social media staffing needs: In-house versus outsourcing. Does your organization have the staff, in terms of quantity and skill set, to effectively execute a deliberate year-round social media program? Does your organization hold a presence on and cross-post to multiple social media platforms? Interns […]

Staffing for Your Digital Needs: Part I

Planning for a well-organized and successful meeting begins months and often years in advance. All this work doesn’t happen in a vacuum:  Staying on top of every detail and ensuring that our supplier partners execute their tasks are chief among the planner’s objectives, whose goal is to execute a top-notch meeting. In many respects, the […]

The Media Wall: Strategies, Opportunities, and Limitations: Part II

If your organization is considering using a social media wall at its next meeting, consider the following opportunities, limitations and parting words of caution and encouragement:  Opportunities Feature event sponsors: Sponsors are always looking for additional ROI.  Feature and thank your event sponsors on your social media wall.  Show organizers can display a photo montage […]

Using Hashtags for Events

The Spring tradeshow season is a busy one, only surpassed by the Fall tradeshow season. I am celebrating 20 years (!) in the event management business this year: six years as a tradeshow manager in the publishing industry and 14 years of producing the convention itself. Over the years, I have learned not to even […]

Adieu, LinkedIn Events

In November 2012, LinkedIn deactivated several of its integrated apps, presumably to devote its efforts elsewhere.  Among the apps that the platform abandoned was the event app.  Event organizers and marketers, including yours truly, used this app to promote events.  In case you’re not familiar with the event app, please know that you didn’t miss […]

In-House vs. Outsourced Social Media Management: Part II

Last week, I ran a blog on different considerations when hiring or outsourcing your social media program.  Here’s the follow-up review of the pros and cons for each!  Like most important strategic decisions, there are pros and cons to retaining and outsourcing the management of your social media program.  Here are several to consider:   […]

Hallmarks of a Successful Social Media Presence

Last week, I received an inquiry about the ingredients for a successful social media program.  What, precisely, makes a Facebook page, a Twitter feed or a LinkedIn group a real homerun for a product or organization?  How do you measure the value of your program? A variety of elements contribute to a flourishing social media […]

Ode to the Meeting Planner and Other Service Professionals

Congratulations to Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau for publishing their hysterical short video on the special and unique vernacular of meeting planners.  If you’re a meeting planner, work with a meeting planner, live with, are friends with or somehow support a meeting planner – you need to view this 2.5-minute video. Members of the meeting planning and […]

A Social Media Event Checklist for Meeting Planners

For the first time in a year and a half, I’m attending a convention as a meeting planner.  Mercifully the event has nothing to do with meeting planning, nor am I responsible for a blessed thing for three days!  I’m simply here to get my education on:  to learn and to share with others with […]