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Social Media or Proprietary Software?

Myspace appeared as the first online networking community in 2003, followed soon after by Facebook. Social networking continued to spread and thrive in a variety of different forms, as LinkedIn and Twitter also became mainstream social media platforms. It was not a fad that would pass in due course. As these sites took root, other […]

Social Media Lite Part II: If You Do Nothing Else, Do This for Your Brand

Last week, I wrote some tips for those who are embarking on their personal social media journeys.  If you’re embarking on a social media pathway for your company, event or brand, here are some ideas regarding how and where to get started: Stake out your real estate: I offered this same advice last week to […]

Hallmarks of a Successful Social Media Presence

Last week, I received an inquiry about the ingredients for a successful social media program.  What, precisely, makes a Facebook page, a Twitter feed or a LinkedIn group a real homerun for a product or organization?  How do you measure the value of your program? A variety of elements contribute to a flourishing social media […]