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Social Media Trends to Watch for in 2017: Part II

Here’s a continuation of our last blog on social media trends for 2017: Dependence on mobile technology: Free and reliable wireless internet access is becoming more widely available, especially in the meetings and hospitality industry.  Mobile technology continues to advance and the most popular social media channels are adapting to that demand.  Expect social networks […]

Things Your LinkedIn Invites Shouldn’t Include

Last month, I delivered a presentation on social media ROI to a group of folks in New Jersey.  We covered LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and a variety of topics relating to social media in general.  A member of the audience asked a question about LinkedIn invitations that I hear quite frequently:  should I accept an […]

Social Media Metrics Simplified: Part I

One of the greatest areas of frustration social media marketers face is determining and demonstrating ROI.  A healthy social media program can be time-consuming; executives demand more from their staff than ever before.  Results can be elusive, especially if you aren’t a full-time social media professional.  How will you know if  your initiatives are yielding […]