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More Common and Avoidable Social Media Guffaws

Here are some additional guffaws that I see in my travels through the social media landscape: Links to nowhere:  Truth be told, this is one of my biggest social media pet peeves!  If a reader clicks on a link, he or she is seeking additional information on a topic, product or service.  Frustration ensues when […]

Dos and Don’ts: Social Media Best Practices

Some of the most common social media mistakes are also the easiest to avoid.  Here are some tips to bear in mind during your next social media visit: DO: Be Consistent and Authentic: Your social media profiles should be consistent across all platforms.  Assuming different characteristics via different profiles muddles your image and distorts your […]

LinkedIn Privacy Considerations

Last month, I delivered two webinars for Meetingjobs:  LinkedIn for Beginners and Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile.  During the Q&A period, I fielded a variety of concerns surrounding personal privacy on the Internet.  The driving question was, “How much information should I display in my public LinkedIn profile?”  I suspect that some LinkedIn members don’t realize […]

Elevating LinkedIn Public Profile Visibility

One of the services I try to provide on this blog is to answer questions that I receive.  Chances are that if one person has a question, others will benefit from the answer as well.  Here’s the story- A friend who has a common name (i.e. Jane Smith) Googled herself and found that her LinkedIn […]

Social Media Metrics Simplified: Part I

One of the greatest areas of frustration social media marketers face is determining and demonstrating ROI.  A healthy social media program can be time-consuming; executives demand more from their staff than ever before.  Results can be elusive, especially if you aren’t a full-time social media professional.  How will you know if  your initiatives are yielding […]