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Mobile App Adoption & Engagement Best Practices

You and your team have created and launched a comprehensive mobile app for your upcoming event.  The data has been updated, the navigation has been evaluated, and seemingly endless rounds of testing have ensured that the app downloads easily and runs on major operating systems without a hitch.  Bugs and kinks have been identified and […]

Mobile Event App Engagement Best Practices

Here are some strategies to maximize your attendees’ mobile app engagement: Message early and often: Most event professionals would not rely on one advertisement or one email or social media post to promote their upcoming event.  Your company likely employs a variety of communication vehicles – email, direct mail, digital and print advertisements, and social […]

More Blogging Best Practices for Your Brand and Your Event

Here are some more blogging best practices and helpful tips: Be “On the Regular:” Blogs and social media operate on the same channel: post on a regular schedule to retain your followers’ interest. Call to Action: Reader engagement need not end with one post.  Consider writing a series of posts on a single topic or […]

Getting To Know Google+ for Meetings: Part Deux

The Google+ Business webpage offers a variety of success stories, best practices and resources for marketers.  As Google+ continues to gain market share, Google continues to upgrade and infuse cash into this product.  A redesign for both the desktop and mobile platforms occurred in May 2013, making Google+ even more intuitive and better integrated with […]

Getting To Know Google+ for Meetings: Part One

Some marketers continue to dismiss Google+ because it doesn’t enjoy the same visibility – or notoriety – as some other social media platforms.  A common misconception about Google+ is that the platform hasn’t garnered the same critical mass audience as its better-known contemporaries:  like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  As of May 2013, however, Google+ had […]

LinkedIn Resources for Students and Recent Grads

Recently I had lunch with a friend whose son is a high school student, soon on his way to becoming a college student.  This friend and I have had many conversations regarding LinkedIn and she has encouraged her son to initiate a profile there as well.  It’s never too soon (or too late) to develop […]

Google+ Hangouts for Event Collaboration and Promotion

According to a recent eMarketer.com report, Google+ continues to gain social media market share.  Google+’s share of social login space rose from 25% to 34% during Q1 of 2013.  Comparatively speaking, Facebook’s share dropped from a 54% to a 46% share during the same period.  The data was published by social login provider Janrain. Facebook […]

Six Reasons To Love Google+

Many folks continue to dismiss Google+, namely because it doesn’t have the same visibility – or notoriety – as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Yesterday I delivered a webinar for Meetingjobs titled, “What’s the Google+ Fuss About?” A common misconception about Google+ is that the platform hasn’t garnered the same critical mass audience as other better-known […]

Every Picture Tells a Story About Your Brand

Dawn Penfold of Meetingjobs and I (Lesley Kyle) are delivering a presentation during PCMA’s Convening Leaders 2013 titled, “Me:  The Brand.”  The presentation will address the importance of personal branding along with tactics for establishing and improving one’s professional brand image. Oprah Winfrey, Tim Tebow and Jon Stewart all have their own strong personal brands:  […]

Top 10 Social Media Mistakes and How to Avoid Them: Part II

Last week, I began a blog on some of the top social media mistakes I’m seeing – and more importantly, how to avoid them.  Here’s part two! 6)             Being stuck in a rut:  Try something new!  Open-ended questions and fill-in-the-blanks have become an increasingly popular way of engaging fans.  Polls, product-related trivia questions and even […]