Top 10 Social Media Mistakes and How to Avoid Them: Part I

Everyone makes mistakes.  We often learn life’s lessons by way of our mistakes.

The same holds true for social media.  When I started working in social media in 2008, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter were still part of a relatively brave new world.  I made my share of mistakes and more importantly, learned from them along the way.  Here are some of the more recent mistakes I’ve viewed in social media and some tips to help you steer clear of them:

1)             Underestimating the value of strategy:  Few will argue that strategy yields results; most will agree that a lack of strategy will lead to mediocre results at best.  Having no strategy whatsoever can also lead to loss of market share as your competitors swoop in and sway your customer base. 

2)             Failing to monitor content:  Once a comment or question has been posted to your social media site, it is painfully obvious to the reader that you’re not paying attention when you don’t respond!

3)             Don’t be shy:  ask for help!  Out of fresh ideas or so buried under the rest of your responsibilities that you can’t view or respond in a timely fashion? Put your colleague or board member super-users to work as the Group/Page/Feed Guest Moderator of the Month.  Guest moderators can post questions to inspire dialog, moderate content for infractions and welcome new members to your group. 

4)             Ignoring unflattering commentary:  Recently I viewed some unseemly feedback about a brand on its own social media channel.  Group Management failed to address the post publicly, leaving me to wonder if they were even scanning their own pages.  Remember that a lack of acknowledgement can imply that the criticism is true!

5)             De-valuing the importance of a code of conduct:  The Internet has become the Wild West of the marketing world.  A code of conduct helps you manage expectations and deal with inappropriate situations when they arise.

Stay tuned for Part II – next Wednesday!

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