What Did the Pokémon GO Craze Mean for Meetings?

Did you get up and go this past summer:  did you play “Pokémon GO,” a location-based mobile reality game?  Even if you didn’t partake in the Pokémon GO craze, you likely heard about its mesmerizing effects in the media.  This extremely popular free mobile game has been credited with dramatic weight loss in some participants and blamed for spates of worldwide traffic accidents as distracted drivers continued their quests to catch Pokémon.

These mobile games share an enduring challenge with their social networking site counterparts:  remaining relevant and fresh to their audiences.  Much like Twitter and its “big three” social competitors – LinkedIn and Facebook – Pokémon GO continues to add new features to entice new users and to engage returning gamers.  The actual shelf life of these games is yet to be determined.

Pokémon GO may have little impact on your meetings; however, future iterations may represent unique community building opportunities for planners.  Based on the initial global success of Pokémon GO, new reality- and geography-based mobile games will invariably make their debut in 2017.  Attendees who are starved for daylight and fresh air while cooped up in meeting rooms all day may just be more game to venture out and to see new sights in their host city.

Mobile game apps – successfull integrated with your meeting – can add to their enjoyment.

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