One of the very first challenges that I faced when I started my business was to select a name.  My company has a varied business model:  marketing, meeting/event planning and social media don’t roll up into a nice, neat and tidy little package.  So finding a name that encompassed all of these different services took some time.  “Meetings-R-Us” wouldn’t cut it.

I vacillated back and forth between a couple of different names that truthfully didn’t thrill or excite me.  On the one hand, I knew that I wanted a creative name, something that business associates and prospective clients would find intriguing.  And then on the other hand, I also knew that I wanted a name that would have a distinct presence:  both on the Internet and in social media.

While watching an NFL game one Sunday afternoon in December 2011, I started chewing again on company names.  Since I hadn’t been struck by creative inspiration or by divine intervention, I decided to go back to basics.  I clearly remember mumbling out loud to the television and to no one in particular, “Well, I’m open-minded about the work that I do.”

And OpenMindWorks was born.

I conducted some search engine, social media and website domain searches.  To my great delight, OpenMindWorks had very little to no online presence.  I gleefully grabbed a Twitter handle, created a Facebook page and gobbled up some domain names.  I also consulted with an attorney friend to begin the process of trademarking my new asset.  And with the assistance of some talented graphic designers, a groovy company logo was developed and unveiled.

At the time when I was considering a name for my company, I knew that it was important to me, and yet I didn’t know why.  Aspiring entrepreneurs should weigh this important decision very carefully.  Simple though it may seem, my company name has literally opened doors for and presented new business opportunities to me.  People who see my company name on a registration list or on my name badge during events will ask about what I do.  This gives me a chance to talk about the services that OpenMindWorks provides without it sounding like a blatant sales pitch.  I have been told that the name is more memorable because it’s an unconventional name.

Here’s a link to an article in Entrepreneur magazine that offers additional advice on naming your new business.

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